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Updated on Nov 16, 2015
black Shoes boots - light blue BNKR sweater - sky blue zaful bag
Black-shoes-boots-light-blue-bnkr-sweater-sky-blue-zaful-bag Black-shoes-boots-light-blue-bnkr-sweater-sky-blue-zaful-bag Black-shoes-boots-light-blue-bnkr-sweater-sky-blue-zaful-bag Black-shoes-boots-light-blue-bnkr-sweater-sky-blue-zaful-bag
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queenhorsfall 's Thoughts:

Happy Friday! A few days ago, I was thinking about my blogging life. Maybe it's because so many people have been asking for my help on how to start a fashion blog and what I had to do to get where I am today.

This gave me reason to write this blog post. Firstly, I never thought that I would be a fashion/style blogger. I would like to share a small story behind my blogging. Some of you probably heard that I used to live in Germany. It is a special place in my heart, not because I love everything about Germany and it was my dream from childhood, but also because I met my forever-love there. He is the main reason why I started a blog. After graduation, I moved to South Korea, where my husband used to work. I had been thinking about blogging, but I was so scared to start. I didn't know what to start or how to even go about anything. I started to do a lot of research, but research wasn't very helpful since my English was not strong enough for me to understand. I spent hours and hours on Youtube and Google trying to figure things out. Some bloggers advised me to not start because it is too complicated, it takes a lot of time, etc. Believe me, after this advice, I was scared even more. At this point, my husband said you should stop thinking, just start, and we'll see what happens. It was the best advice. Today, blogging is my job. I enjoy it on so many levels and I'm happy to be constantly learning and evolving. I love sharing my style with my readers, I love studying my body, my best angles, and everything else about this world. On this day, I want to give some small advice to my readers: Don't be afraid of anything you want to achieve in your life. If you are still not sure about yourself, talk to your loved one or your parents / close friends and see if they support your idea. If it seems that nobody is there to support you, believe me, there are people who do! If you guys have any tips or helpful insight, please make sure to comment below, and I will give another advice-piece in my next post!

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Luanarchy on November 22
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