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Updated on Sep 30, 2015
crimson leather vintage purse - beige leather wedges
Crimson-leather-vintage-purse-beige-leather-wedges Crimson-leather-vintage-purse-beige-leather-wedges
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Style_Journey 's Thoughts:

I've been looking for a peach blouse for a little while and I was really excited to find this pretty one at the thrift store during one of my latest visits to my hometown. The fabric is so comfortable and airy, I would easely tag this top as one of my favorites for hot summer days.

This skirt is also a lucky find from my favorite thrift store in the neighborhood. Gosh, this store is amazing if you're looking for skirts, especially if you're patient enough to be willing to customize them just a little bit. Fortunately, I do have patience when it comes to fashion, hahaa. It used to be a maxi skirt but I felt like the micro floral pattern was screaming for midi length. Don't you think I was right about it? Overall, this baby really worth my time. I mean, just look at this clean A line cut! It's so flattering and feminine that I would wear it everyday. Maybe it's just me, but I do love the way this color matches my skin tone.

I don't mind wearing the same outfit twice as long as I do love it very much. I went shopping at the supermarket with my mother wearing the exact same outfit. For some reason I can't explain, an old man noticed me and he stared at me with a nostalgic smile on his face while I was wandering through the shelves. I thought he was probably recalling some old memories. Maybe his wife used to wear something similar when she was young. Or maybe he was surprised to see that young girls at a time like this could still be willing to wear old fashioned clothing. I guess it's my turn to get nostalgic but I always loved the sensation of being trapped in the past.

Comments (9)

4everUSMC on October 14
This shade of pink...looks great on you...rock on! And, definitely...the shoes are a great match.
thevelvetpanoply on October 11
You look so sweet, fresh and feminine, my dear! The skirt does indeed suit your skin tone so perfectly. Your vintage style is impeccable. :D
srico on October 05
Love the skirt!
Stilettoe_Diva on October 01
This is just so sweet =)
Flowglo on September 30 via iPhone mobile device icon
I love how feminine and sweet you look! That color does go very well with your skin tone dear. That skirt is darling from the floral print to vintage cut. You brought it down to earth with that brown bag. I too like to feel I'm in another time. :D
Style_Journey on October 01
you're very kind, as always dear! thank you very much! I'm glad to see we both share this passion for the past <3
mirose on September 30
Always looking beautiful, i tried sending you a message but it didnt go throu, it's been a while since we talked, i hope everything is going well with you, get back to me by msg. Take care. xx!
Style_Journey on October 01
hello, dear! long time no see! thank you for your message! I do hope you're doing well <3 xx
jeremyuk77 on September 30
adorable pink and vintage vibe! so lovely! <3
Style_Journey on September 30
thank you, Jeremy :)
sailormoonusagi on September 30
Love your feminine outfits! It looks like you just stepped out the 20'st century !
Style_Journey on September 30
thank you, dear! l do love the 20s atmosphere very much <3
WrappedInScarlet on September 30
Love the color. :D
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