It's Recycled Sweater Weather! Make Styles Your Own!

Updated on Oct 30, 2014
Deborah Lindquist sweater
Deborah-lindquist-sweater Deborah-lindquist-sweater Deborah-lindquist-sweater Deborah-lindquist-sweater Deborah-lindquist-sweater
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PurposeDrivenPinups 's Thoughts:

Many of our most celebrated sustainable fashion designers are recyclers. Sustainable fashion designers make everything imaginable from recycled garments and materials including skirts, hats, gloves, scarves, bags and leg warmers. Any garment we wear can be recycled into a cool, upcycled style. That’s why recycled fashion is one of my favorite things. Recycling clothes is also known as upcycling. What you can do with recycled fashion is only limited by your closet size!

When recycling clothes, you cut the largest usable pieces of material from your old garment and make them into a new piece. When you salvage the material from the old garment, that’s called deconstruction. Next, you sew those pieces into a new top, skirt or sweater. That’s called reconstruction.

According to sustainable fashion pioneer Deborah Lindquist, there’s one big problem encountered by the majority of newbies to recycled fashion. “People new to recycling fashion are hesitant when cutting up old garments,” Lindquist said. “Don't be afraid to cut into garments. Just throw caution to the wind and cut. That’s how you learn what you like to make.”

That’s the whole point of recycling, you take something that’s been worn out or purchased secondhand, reconstruct it into new and amazing, add your own vision of sustainable style and you’ve just become a 21st century fashionista.

Every recycled design you create has its own unique originality. I own several sustainable pieces that are made from recycled materials. I love knowing that my recycled designs have this second environmentally friendly life. It’s also a nice way to justify by sustainable fashion splurges.

Recycled fashion goes by many names, however whether you call it deconstructed, reconstructed, upcycled, reincarnated or free fashion, recycled fashion is what you create it to be, make it your own!

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