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Updated on Jul 18, 2014
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My 30th birthday isn't for quite a while yet - even my 29th is still months away. But since I'm going through a period of personal transition, I thought it might be time to revisit the 30 before 30 list I made long ago, when my 30th birthday felt like it might as well be a million years ahead of me. The good news? I've made more progress than I thought! But I still have a long way to go.

1. Live in Paris Achieved September 2012
2. Wear more red lipstick Achieved
3. Publish my first novel Achieved January 2014
4. Eat at La Patisserie des Reves Achieved October 2012
5. Take a trip with my BFFFFF
6. Drink real champagne Achieved July 2013
7. Start an exercise routine that I can actually stick to - for more than a month Achieved November 2013
8. Master enough coding to redesign my blog all on my own Achieved May 2013
9. Have blonde hair - even if it's only briefly Achieved November 2011
10. Learn how to properly use my camera Achieved June 2013
11. (Re)read Jane Eyre
12. Get properly fitted for lingerie Achieved May 2013
13. Attend a class at Strala Yoga
14. Learn how to make my own chocolate
15. Remodel one space - even a small one - in our apartment
16. Start (properly) saving for retirement Achieved November 2013
17. Own a pair of Christian Louboutin heels Achieved November 2012
18. See Bruce Springsteen perform live Achieved July 2013
19. Visit Mila in the maritimes
20. Buy my own laptop
21. Conquer my food phobias
22. Finish my second novel
23. Eat pasta in Rome Achieved September 2012
24. Do a DIY project (it doesn't have to be a hard one)
25. Choose a signature scent
26. Get a job in disability management Achieved July 2014
27. Meet Bec in person
28. Try to give up control (just once)
29. Start a grown-up wine collection (and get a bar cart to display it)
30. Rekindle my old love of painting

Do you have a list of goals? And if so, how is your progressing coming along?

Comments (2)

rynnstyle on July 20
Great list! I need to start a things to do before I'm 35 list since I missed my 30th mark.
CarefreeContessa on July 18
an amazing list!
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